Neurofeedback Can Relieve Depression Symptoms

Depression is a common occurrence and affects millions of Americans to varying degrees. Depression changes the way you see yourself, your life, and other people in your life.  This changed view can affect you negatively by shining a negative light on all aspects of your life and impair your ability to be at your best.

How does neurofeedback training bring relief from depression?

Frequently with depression, EEG studies* have shown that portions of the frontal area of the brain are under activated. When the frontal regions of the brain are asymmetrically activated, patients may exhibit signs of sadness, difficulty concentrating, or decreased motivation. (Source)

Neurofeedback works to train the brain and activate the brain to even out these differences and asymmetry. Training with Neurofeedback teaches patients how to naturally increase blood-flow and raise activation levels in the brain, which in turn increases happiness and positivity while keeping depression at bay.

What is a neurofeedback training session?

A neurofeedback training session is a relaxed, pleasant, enjoyable experience. Patients sit comfortably, relax, and watch a video of their choosing.  During the session, we measure the patient’s brainwaves using two small sensors.  The measurements taken during the session provide us with immediate feedback on how the brain is functioning.  From there, we adjust the video input to re-train the brain to produce the desired brainwaves and balance brain activity.

Results that last.

Neurofeedback training makes improvements within your brain, and the effects of the training last a long time.  Training your brain with Neurofeedback creates new neuropathways that keep the brain active and balanced.  These pathways are permanent in nature, and as a result, the improvements in your mood can last a lifetime!

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