Neurofeedback and Memory Loss

As we age, a certain amount of decline in memory is a normal part of aging, but too much can be very disruptive.  For older adults and those who struggle with memory loss, Neurofeedback training can help retrain your brain and make it function more efficiently.  Neurofeedback has been around for decades.  It uses “operant conditioning” to create new neural pathways for your brain to use.  If you suffer from forgetfulness and memory issues, neurofeedback can be an effective solution.

Neurofeedback training can produce long term change

Unlike medications that must be taken over and over to relieve symptoms and can produce unwanted side effects, neurofeedback training is a type of learning.  Once your brain develops new neural pathways, it continues to use them.  It’s like riding a bike – once you learn to ride a bike you always remember what to do when you get on a bike.  Neurofeedback can have the same type of long term change.

How does Neurofeedback Training Work

To begin training, a brain map or qeeg will be obtained.  The test takes about a half an hour.  The map records real time brainwave activity.  This is how areas of dysregulation, which can affect symptoms of memory loss, can be identified in your brain.  Once the areas of dysregulation are identified then a treatment protocol is recommended.  The training sessions are a type of biofeedback training.  The training sessions are based on the real time neural outputs of each individual.  A course of treatments, depending on the severity of the symptoms and individuals response, may take 30-40 sessions.  Each appointment takes about 30 minutes and involves sitting comfortably in a chair and watching a movie.  Sensors measure brainwave activity during the session.  Feedback is given in the form of audio and visual input.  The video will turn bright if the brainwaves are in an optimal range or will dim if they are out of their optimal range.  Do you have any additional questions about Neurofeedback check out our FAQ section.

Where can I get help?

If you are suffering from memory loss and neurofeedback training is something you want to try for you or a loved one, contact Wells Neurofeedback Center at 847-245-3202 for a complimentary evaluation.  We look forward to working with you.