Bipolar Disorder

Stabilize your moods through neurofeedback training.

Bipolar disorder can be related to an overabundance of Beta waves (high frequency, anxiety-producing) on the right side of the brain along with excessive Alpha waves (lower frequency, depression producing) on the left side of the brain.  This imbalance causes the brain to struggle between the extreme highs of mania and the extreme lows of depression.  The connectivity between these areas of the brain is also inhibited, and Neurofeedback works to create new neuropathways within the brain to ease bipolar symptoms.

How can neurofeedback training help bipolar disorder?

Neurofeedback works to create new neuropathways in the brain with the use of a technology that helps create new, healthier neural pathways. These healthier pathways help the brain become more balanced, helping your moods to stabilize and become more predictable. 

The training process is easy, and relaxing. First, we place two sensors on the scalp, designed to read brainwaves in real-time. This information is used to create feedback in the audio and visual elements of the video, which are adjusted when the brainwaves get out of balance. A typical training session lasts 30 minutes, during which the feedback repeatedly nudges the brain back into balance.

Over time, the brain learns to maintain that new, healthy balance on it`s own. This process is called “operant conditioning’, and it is a fully natural learning process. As a result, there are no side effects, and best of all, the new pathways remain long after the last session.

This training can also be done while a patient is already taking medications because it is all-natural and will not interfere with medications.

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