Improve Autism Symptoms with Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is improving the lives of those with autism.

Autism, autism spectrum disorder, and Asperger syndrome are neurological conditions often discovered during childhood.  Neurofeedback training is an all-natural training that provides long-lasting improvements to children and adults.  Patients who have undergone neurofeedback therapy have reported increased levels of calmness and better communication.   Parents of children who have completed neurofeedback training find that their children can regulate themselves more often, and their behavior has become significantly more predictable.

Parents are a child’s best advocate.

Parents are the best advocates when it comes to knowing what works for your child and what isn’t working.  You know best where your child excels and where they need more help and guidance.  We offer a free initial consultation where we discuss together how training works and what you can expect from the training.

Together, we can decide if neurofeedback is the right choice for your child.

What should we expect at a neurofeedback session?

New patients undergo a brain mapping session, which is a pain-free way to measure the current state of the patient’s brainwaves.  Once the brain mapping session is complete, we analyze the results to create the most efficient way to rebalance the brain, and train the brain to better self-regulate.

Typically, a neurofeedback session lasts about 30 minutes.  During this time, two small sensors are placed onto the patient’s scalp to monitor their active brainwaves.  As the patient watches a video, the sensors measure the brainwaves and creates changes in the audio and visual components of the video to activate different areas of the brain. These activations help the brain create new pathways within the brain and rebalance the brainwaves.

Drug-free and painless with results that last!

One of the first results parents notice is improved communication to and from their child.  Neurofeedback creates neuropathways throughout the brain that improve brain efficiency and allow the patient to think more clearly.  Even better, this training is happening subconsciously, and the pathways stay active long after the training has ended – all without the use of medication!

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