Improve The Symptoms of ADD,
ADHD with Neurofeedback

ADHD is not a disease or a discipline problem – it`s a Brain Problem. With neurofeedback, children and adults can learn how to increase self-control, focus, and reduce impulsive actions. How much better would it be if you improved the loss of focus and concentration associated with ADD? Or stopped the fidgeting, outbursts, and the poor impulse control associated with ADHD?

How can Neurofeedback eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms?

Neurofeedback training helps the brain achieve balance. Patients with ADD and ADHD often have an imbalance in Alpha and Beta brainwaves. Neurofeedback can help create new neuropathways, which can increase focus, clear thinking, and create more stable emotions. By balancing the Alpha and Beta waves, many of the symptoms related to ADD and ADHD can be reduced or, in some cases, eliminated entirely!

One Parents Story:

Working with Shelley has been effortless, and the result are evident.  Our daughter has been working with Shelley for 2 months and there is a marked difference in her comprehension and organization.  Shelley is knowledgeable, informative, and reliable.  It has been a pleasure working with her.  Professionally, I also recommend my patients consider Neurofeedback.  It has assisted children, adolescences, and adults towards coherence and balance.  I believe quality Neurofeedback is an excellent resource for consideration.”

Lisa K.
Clinical Psychotherapist

What is the process for neurofeedback training?

Before beginning Neurofeedback, the patient’s brainwaves are mapped to get a baseline.  Based on this information, we construct an individualized training program for the patient to improve their brainwave balance.

A typical session of Neurofeedback is about 30 minutes long and is fun and relaxing. While watching a video, two small sensors are placed on the patient’s scalp so we can monitor brainwaves in real-time.  As these brainwaves are monitored, the audio and visual aspects of the video will vary slightly in response to the measurements from the sensors. This feedback helps the brain to reduce or increase activity in various parts of the brain. This trains the brain to operate in a more balanced manner.  Over time, the brain builds new neural pathways and learns to maintain balance on it`s own.

Long lasting results

This process of learning, with repetition and feedback, is called Operant Conditioning. Better yet, just like when you learned to swim, or ride a bike, the new neural pathways created with the training are permanent, leading to long term improvements!

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